How to face up to Covid-19 as an online business ?

How to face up to Covid-19 as an online business ?
Deal with the Covid-19 as a business
Due to the pandemic of the Covid-19 that hits the world, a lot of countries are in confinement since more than a month now.  That means the economy is dangling. 
A lot of businesses had to close, including us , Exotica Swimwear. 
But how to keep working in such conditions ? 
- Protect the team's health
We are now teleworking. It's important to think business but also to think about the team, the safety and the well-being of everyone. 
- Protect customers 

Due to the rules given by the govnernment we closed our shop as all the shops in France. 
- But keep working 
Thanks to the e-commerce, now we can keep working, making you happy to offer you the best products. 
So despite the current situation you can still order on our website. There may be some delays but all the packages are being sent. 
Be safe, Stay home and take care of you and your families. 

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