On Our way to Angola

On Our way to Angola

Angola is our original country. Not far from Congo, it's the ideal place to showcase swimsuits as Angola has very nice beaches and it's sunny almost the whole year.

We decided it was time to fly there and make our brand known in Luanda. We stayed few minutes walk from the beach, you know we absolutely LOVE the beach. 

The goal is to make accessible our products to our customers. We are planning on giving access to you to purchase all the collection in store in Angola. The location will be set in few months we are working on it.

We met Jakillsa, an Angolan rapper from Luanda and guess what ? She accepted to be our first Angolan model so we went to the best beach in Luanda and got few pictures taken there.

The next city in Africa where we really want to go is Dakar in Senegal.




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