The perfect tan for this summer

The perfect tan for this summer
3 tips to get your tan ready this summer
It's not because we are on quarantine that we cannot think about our next holidays. Summer is coming, so here are some tips to get your skin ready to tan and chill at the beach!
1. Drink water
You need to drink water as much as you can. First because nothing's better than water for our health, secondly because sun can dehydrate a lot and dry out the skin. 
2. Eat good
As you surely know, a good diet is essential for a good health. Opt for food naturally rich in antioxidant and vitamin A.
3. Exfoliate your skin
If you want to have a perfect, lasting and uniform tan, make some body scrubs to eliminate impurities. 
You can do a simple Body scrub at home for every type of skins. 
Use some honey and sugar for example.

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