Hello to our beautiful customers ! We love to hear from you, so when we put a survey on the website for the last months and we had so many responses. We thank you so much for giving us valuable feedback that will help us to grow as a business.

So because of your responses, we've been inspired to make some changes here at ExoticaSwimwear which we hope will make your shopping experience more enjoyable. Keep reading to see what we're changing.


We found out that you love having choices ! More than anything else, you want to be able to choose from different styles, cut, colour, size...

We have decided that we will be doing more designs from this year 2019. We plan to add at least one design per month for you to have more choice. Also, we know that sometimes you like the print but would prefer it in a different cut, so we planned on using the same print with different styles of bikinis.

Also, we have XS size now, so some item of the collection are now available from XS to XL.


We realise that feeling your breast maintained is the most important for you !

We have put more support on top with strong elastic materials. You can run, jump, dive without worrying if your swimwuits is going to keep up. We are trying to develop this feature every day.



We have been trying hard to give you more choices on delivery options at the best rate. That is why from now, depending on where you are in Europe, you are able to get your package delivered to the pick up service point of your choice. This at an affordable and very competitive price. You can now receive emails at every steps of you delivery journey, from the day you ordered to the day you get delivered.

Depending on location, you can have many options like delivery as letters, parcel with no signature or parcel with signature . We are working on giving you the choice on your delivery and we can already tell that you love this pick up service point option !



Customer service is extremely important to us and we will be working harder to improve our service standards. We want to deliver the best customer service experience. That is why you will be answered within 24 hours.

We can now provide a customer service that will be open and availabe for your emails and calls every day from 9 am to 6 pm. 



Since we started in June 2016, we’ve established a loyal following of customers. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for all your support. We promise to keep growing as a business and will continue to act on the feedback you provide us!


Until next time, keep shining Quenns and Kings!

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