African Prints are here to stay

African Prints are here to stay

Exotic prints invoke a sense of enchanted inspiration and adventure on all of us. It is an enduring fashion trend that is both alluring and eye-catching. The luscious colours and sophisticated patterns of the design

 add uniqueness to the character of our wardrobe and that is why they are always fashionable and in demand throughout the year.

Ethnic patterns and animal prints are wonderful to behold. These designs are considered neutral and can be matched and worn with almost anything. However, exotic prints are most compatible with swimwear and bathing accessories as it provides a venue to express the wearer’s distinctiveness with every pattern and design.

African print swimwear is one of the hottest and most popular fashions in the world today. The colourful bikinis, stunning one piece swimwear, and gorgeous accessories that have exquisite sketches are the things that we must have in our wardrobe collection.

The exotic print fashion was recently showcased in Paris as one of the 2016 spring and summer season trends. Designers in the Paris Fashion Week unleashed their lush urban safari designs that prove that exotic print designs are here to stay.

The fashion industry is truly obsessed with exotic print designs. Year after year, designers from all over the world have never allowed this trend to fade away. I believe the main reason for this is because the exotic print fashion is one of the few designs that enable us to tap into our individuality and release our wilder side.

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